Research Education, Including Higher Education

Research and Education, Including Higher Education


The UAE is committed to a standard, high-quality, education across the UAE as well as to educational research and innovation. This is reflected both in the investments being made with public resources to build and improve institutions of higher learning and research, like the Masdar Institute and MIT, NYU Abu Dhabi, the Mubadala investment in UAE University, University City in Sharjah, Knowledge Village, and the American University of Dubai. All of these projects reflect a keen awareness that the country is addressing any/all gaps that might have existed in the education sector in the past. The U.A.E. has created a national standard that educational institutions are required to meet, demonstrating the student’s ability to compete in various job markets on the national, regional, and international levels. Furthermore, the UAE has been injecting significant funds into the development of research programs and vocational schools that are designed to meet sector-specific industry needs.


Opportunities for U.S. companies include public private educational partnerships and investment in sector-specific research organizations. Many top-tier U.S. academic institutions have spread throughout the United Arab Emirates. For example, New York University has recently established a research university for undergraduate and graduate level students in Abu Dhabi. Moving away from the liberal arts and sciences, Massachusetts Institute of Technology is currently in collaboration with the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology to create a graduate level research institution that trains students in emerging fields such as renewable energy and sustainability. The Dubai School of Government partnered with Harvard University and the Dubai Government to create an internationally acclaimed school of government. It collaborates with regional institutions in research and training with the aim of promoting good governance in the region through effective public policy.



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