Environmental Technology and Services

Environmental Technology and Services


The U.A.E. is focusing on the environment and sustainability in all aspects of life in the seven Emirates. For example, Abu Dhabi’s vision 2030 establishes a clear path for sustainability as a foundation for new developments within the Emirate. This program, called Estidama, is a commitment to the values and ideals of the nation. Its aim is to create a new mindset for building a forward thinking global capital and establish a distinctive overarching framework for measuring sustainability within the Emirate’s current and future development. Dubai’s strategic plan 2015 also adheres to international environmental standards and presents an overarching outline preserving the Emirate’s resources and natural beauty. Furthermore, both major Emirates, Abu Dhabi and Dubai, have various environmental watchdog organizations that ensure these standards are upheld. The U.A.E. as a whole knows that small business is the key to economic growth. As such, the nation is committed to promoting and awarding endowments to SMEs in the environmental technology and services field.


Opportunities for U.S. companies include: a burgeoning environmental sector that is looking for partnering opportunities with U.S. companies, innovative and focused Emirati businessmen and women pushing the limits of the field, and U.A.E. government support for environmental projects. Additionally, government contracts are continually searching for the appropriate provider of environmental technology and services for almost all national projects. The U.A.E. understands the importance of sustainability and is quickly becoming a leader in the field through their willingness to partner and an adherence to global best practices. In particular, the U.A.E. is focusing on attracting innovative U.S. SMEs that can compliment local environmental companies.



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