Welcome to the UAE Trade and Commercial Office Trade Promotion and Compliance Interactive Portal. This portal is meant to aid UAE and US businesses interested in beginning international trade. The following pages, links, and information will provide a knowledge base for first time exporters and importers and can help direct businesses to the appropriate UAE or US government control entity. This portal is not all encompassing nor is it legal advice. The Trade Office strongly recommends contacting legal counsel before beginning any official Import/Export procedures.


The tab labeled "Background: UAE International Trade Laws" provides a brief history and overview of the key UAE policies pertaining to importing and exporting foreign goods and services. Before moving anywhere else in the portal, please take a moment and review this page.


The tab labeled “Exporting from the U.S. to the UAE” will help US businesses begin the export process to the UAE. Inside, businesses will find overviews and directions for new exporters, information on the US Commercial Service, and links to the US Government’s export promotion website, This tab also provides key growth sectors in the UAE as well as directions to establish a business entity in each of the seven Emirates. Finally, information on US licensing procedures for restricted and prohibited items can be found at the bottom of the section.


The tab labeled “Importing or Investing in the U.S. from the UAE” will help UAE businesses begin the export or investment process to the United States. Inside, businesses will find overviews and directions for first time importers/investors, information on the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Agency, and links to the Abu Dhabi and Dubai Government’s official portal on UAE export procedures. This tab also provides regulatory compliance hints for any concerned UAE importers/investors.


We hope you find this portal helpful. If you have any specific questions or concerns related to the export process after browsing this portal, please contact the UAE Trade and Commercial Office at