UAE Ministry of Economy

UAE Ministry of Economy


Ministry of Economy carries out the preparation of the project of the General Development plan of the state, identifies its stages and annual divisions and all matters associated to that such as projects, legislations and proposals. All in view of the general strategic plan of the state and the studies it makes besides the preprograms and information presented by the various ministries.


Competencies of the Ministry: 

1. Propose the economic and commercial policy that realize the economic development, increase production, raise standard of living and realize welfare to nationals.

2. Construct plans, programs and projects necessary to implement the above policies.

3. Propose projects for legislation and organizational regulations for the commercial and economic activity and supervise the legislations and regulations implementation.

4. Prepare legislations that organize the various training stages suitable to realize the economic and customs unity within the Emirates constituting the UAE in cooperation with the ministry of Finance and industry and the other concerned ministries.

5. Cooperate with concerned ministries in conducting economic and commercial agreements and follow up the activities of the economic organizations, construct international and regional exhibitions and all that can support the trade exchange with other countries.

6. Implement legislations for Israel boycott and taking necessary decisions on this concern.

7. Prepare the economic development researches and studies.

8. Study the needs of the country for development and improvement; propose the objectives and priorities based on the ongoing and future indications after approval of higher authorities.

9. Prepare drafts of the long, medium and short terms plans and propose the necessary policy for implementing them and follow up execution and report that to the competent parties.

10. Propose preparation of the annual budgets for development; follow up expenditure from it in cooperation with Ministry of Finance and other concerned ministries.

11. Carry out the central statistic work.

12. Prepare the necessary economical, social and financial studies for preparing the development plan in cooperation with the competent parties.

13. Present recommendations and the required methods to exploit the financial, material and human resources for executing the development plans and annual programs, and refer such recommendations to the competent authorities.

Any other competencies assigned to it in accordance to the laws and regulations and the resolutions of the cabinet issued in this respect. 


About the Minister





H.E Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri


Minister of Economy


His Excellency Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansouri has been appointed as Minister of Economy in the UAE, effective 17 th of February, 2008. His Excellency Sultan holds a Bachelor's degree (B. Sc.) in Industrial Engineering & Management Systems from Arizona State University - USA . He also has a Diploma in Computer System Analysis from the Institute of Computer Technology, Los Angeles, California - USA .


In addition to his position as Minister of Economy, His Excellency Sultan holds the positions below :


  • Chairman of the Supreme Committee for Consumer Protection
  • Chairman of the Coordinating and Economic Cooperation Committee
  • Chairman of the National Committee for the Follow-up Program of Investment Climate
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Securities and Commodities Authority
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Emirates Standards and Metrology Authority
  • Chairman of the insurance Authority
  • Chairman of the Federal Civil Aviation Authority
  • Member of the Ministerial Committee for Legislation
  • Member of the National Committee on Population Composition
  • Member of the Committee of Finance and Economy

In addition to his position, His Excellency Sultan holds the previous positions below:

  • Senior Airport Coordinator, then Vice President Operations at Dubai Civil Aviation Authority during the period of 1988 – 1991
  • Director - Dubai Cargo Village during the period of 1991 - 1996
  • Deputy Director General - Dubai Chamber of Commerce & Industry during the period of 1996 - 1998
  • Group Managing Director of Saeed & Mohamed Al Naboodah Group during the period of 1998 - 2004
  • Vice President of Dubai Islamic Bank during the period of 1999-2008
  • Chairman of Aman (Dubai Islamic Insurance Company) during the period of 2002-2008
  • Minister of Transport and Communications during the period of 2004 - 2006
  • Minister of Government Sector Development during the period of 2006 – 2008
  • Member of GCC Consulting Authority for Supreme council