Trade Office Objectives & Services

Trade & Commercial Office Mission


Our mission is to strengthen the trade relationship between the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the United States (US). Our nations’ complementary resources fuel increased economic partnership, expanded security cooperation, and innovative cross-cultural investment. Since our inception, the Office has conducted and participated in a number of activities that highlight the vitality of this relationship and that help expand the scope of this vitality into new industries.



Trade & Commercial Office Key Operations


The following details the Trade & Commercial Office’s key operations. Through these operations, the office is able to fulfill its mission to strengthen the trade relationship between the UAE and the US.


US Government Commercial Outreach


·      The Trade & Commercial Office communicates with the US government entities focused on commercial activities, including the Department of Commerce, the United States Trade Representative, and the United States Treasury, among many others.


US Government Outreach


·   The Trade & Commercial Office, in collaboration with the Congressional Affairs department within the Political Section, engages the US government entities in a constant dialogue to help increase awareness on the commercial relationship between the US and the UAE.


US Private Sector Assistance


·      The Trade & Commercial Office helps source US companies and identify synergies to cater to UAE opportunities.


UAE Private Sector Assistance


·      The Trade & Commercial Office aids UAE companies interested in forming partnerships or benchmarking best practices with US companies.

·      Kindly refer to below Private Sector Initiative for further information.


Investments to and from the UAE


·      The Trade & Commercial Office assists with the assessment of viable investments for US companies in the UAE and visa versa for UAE companies looking to invest in the US.




·      The Trade & Commercial Office assists both US and UAE companies who would like to explore business opportunities in the alternate country coordinate a well-rounded and comprehensive program targeted toward their commercial niche.


Awareness Events & Outreach


·      The Trade & Commercial Office organizes events at the Embassy or at separate locations sometimes with the assistance of partners, to help raise awareness on issues that relate to doing business in and with the UAE.




·     The Trade & Commercial Office works in tandem with the Cultural Office at the Embassy to help Emirati students studying in the US connect with UAE companies upon graduation. This is done in a variety of ways, including internships at the Trade & Commercial Office during the student’s tenure and during an annual Student Forum held every November.



Website and Interactive Map


The Trade & Commercial Office commissioned and implemented a website and interactive map of the US in 2010. Any visitor to the Trade Office website simply has to click on the state of their choosing and view the bilateral trade relationship it holds with the UAE.