Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA):


DEWA was formed in 1992 as a result of the merger of Dubai Electric Company and Dubai Water Department, both of which have been operating independently since 1959. In 2006, DEWA had a total power generation capacity of 4,199 MW and desalinated water capacity of 225 million imperial gallons per day (MIG/day). The authority served a customer base of 339,900 electricity consumers and 279,247 water consumers. The company has plans to expand its power-generation capacity to 9,800 MW and desalinated water capacity by 110 million gallons per day by 2010.


Although smaller than ADWEA’s transmission network, the DEWA transmission system is similar in terms of line capacities, relying on a network of 400, 132 and 32 kV overhead lines and underground cables that are, in turn, connected to a distribution system of lower voltage substations and distribution lines.


Electricity consumption by DEWA customers is composed of 42% commercial, 31% residential, 11% industrial, 9% desalination and 7% other.  In 2006, peak electricity demand equaled 89.4% of installed capacity and minimum electricity demand equaled 43% of installed capacity.


Water consumption by DEWA customers is overwhelmingly dominated by residential consumption (59%), followed by commercial (25%), other (10%) and industrial (5%).  In 2006, peak water demand reached nearly 97% of DEWA’s total installed capacity.


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